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Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Website Hosting

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Content Management System

A CMS is what type of platform will drive your site. Choose which kind of CMS your site will use. WordPress is the most common type of CMS on the Internet. When in doubt, choose WordPress.





No CMS, HTML 5 Only

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Details About Your Project

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Typically, projects are completed in 4-6 weeks.

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What Type of Features Do You Need?

Please tell us what kind of site that you're looking for. If you want a basic website, please choose Informational Site. If you are a Corporate company, please choose Corporate Site. If you are in need of any kind of eCommerce platform, please choose eCommerce Site.

Most basic needs and brand-building sites are informational sites. When in doubt, select this.

eCommerce site. If your site needs a shopping cart, this is what you'd choose.

Corporate website. If you are trying to promote your corporate company, this is the selection you'd choose.

Other kind of site. We will contact you to gather more information.

What kind of information will you talk about on your site?

Tell us what you plan on selling.

Tell us how many items you want to begin your eCommerce store with.

Please tell us what type of industry you are in.

Please give an estimate of the number of pages that you will require initially. If you're not sure or using eCommerce, leave this blank.

If you'd like us to write the content on your pages for you, check this option.

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Details About Your Site Features


Social Media

Blog or Press Release

Tracking and Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is just as important as Basic SEO. And in more cases than not, this option makes all the difference in the world. Make sure businesses can find your store or services with this option.

If you have social media profiles for your business or website, select this.

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