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Infrastructure Management

TurkReno offers infrastructure and infrastructure management to a wide variety of technology. Online infrastructure is usually comprised of several smaller technologies working together to form a single solution. Infrastructure is meant to be managed by someone for a variety of reasons. It’s best to have a professional overseeing the operations to ensure that the technology continues working in an optimal condition.

Types of infrastructure we manage

Infrastructure use cases

Almost everyone needs infrastructure of some kind. Almost everyone uses email, for example. A business may need to cross platform between macOS and Windows operating systems and technologies – this is where systems integration comes in. Virtual environments are usually used to provide remote desktop or server services without the added expense of additional hardware. Websites are still valid and used by everyone, but typically the operator of the website is responsible to pay for hosting. Website hosting, quite simply, is a virtual or physical server instance somewhere that is broadcasting your site to the internet 24/7.

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