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Typical roles and responsibilities with remote support

Technical support engineers always have an endless queue of issues to resolve. They need to prioritize the workflow. The following are the important tasks of a remote tech support engineer.

  • A tech support engineer is responsible to install and configure computer applications. The employee is also a person in charge to monitor the systems and software. Identifying an error before it occurs is the reason to monitor the system continuously
  • To arrive at certain decisions consulting the users regarding the best and appropriate tools to employ. A technical engineer configures the operating system. Monitoring tools are also purchased through an enterprise service provider or custom developed.
  • One of the important duties of a tech support engineer is to troubleshoot (a logical process to find the source of an issue) the technical issues. The issue is diagnosed and resolved if the issue is reproduced. Escalating a case to different tiers is the best thing to endure in a timely resolution. In these cases, a tech support engineer should be familiar with the escalation workflow process.
  • These engineers design computer systems to meet the certain requirements of the organizations and clients.
  • The responsibility of the tech support engineers doesn’t limit to installing and resolving the issue. Another primary task is to interact with customers. To guide them to solve the problems they face via a phone call or email.
  • Their responsibility includes educating customers. The engineers should also communicate with the newly recruited employees and offer training to them.
  • At times, they might be required to participate in forums and seminars and to take online tutorials to train for various purposes.
  • The engineer should maintain the records of software licenses and renew them whenever required. She/he should also document the technical knowledge in the database.
  • To deploy new hardware and software systems and to update them whenever there is a call for the same.
  • To provide feedback to customers, ensure proper logging and resolving of all issues and maintain a record of them, and to ensure that the computer systems are functioning properly after troubleshooting.

Remote tech support roles by classification

If you are looking for information on job titles and career paths under remote tech support jobs, you must focus on a key aspect. The job opportunities are many and the career path is also attractive, but without the right amount of knowledge and dedication growth is challenging. The key tech support roles are illustrated below:

1. Technical Support Associate

The job title is essentially provided to freshers or the junior support personnel. The work is mainly to perform analysis on the potential issues reported, perform deep-dive analysis, and suggest the appropriate solution. Can be conveniently performed remotely full time or part-time

2. Technical Support Specialist

With experience and expertise, you can opt for the role of a technical support specialist. The expectation is to handle multiple issues of different complexities. Provide innovative solutions to tackle the problems and at a much faster pace.

3. Technical Support Analyst

The role of an analyst is to handle the Level1 issues reported by customers. The expectation is to resolve the max percentage of the issues before deciding to triage to the next level.

4. Technical Support Lead

The majority of the companies own a sizeable tech support team. A team leader is vital to guide and monitor the team along with the timely resolution of the issues. Once you gain sufficient hands-on experience, you can aspire for this role