WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design Basics

When you need a website designed and constructed for your business, there are many options for you to choose from. Since your website is your window to the world, make everything about it a reflection of your business. Make your site look attractive, and provide it with great content that appeals to clients.

Make your website secure, because your company data is your greatest asset. If anything should go wrong with your website, get the support you need, so you can get back online quickly. To make your website easy to update, have it constructed with an engine that makes changes easy.

That’s why the best choice for website software is WordPress. Since its beginnings in 2003, WordPress has emerged as the leading software used for blogging, and for use as a Content Management System (CMS). That kind of popularity is no accident. There are some very good reasons why WordPress has become so dominant in the area of website construction.

When you choose to let TurkReno make site a WordPress website, you’ll be joining millions of other businesses which have discovered the advantages of having a WordPress foundation.

How WordPress can benefit you

Most companies do choose to maintain an active blog. It’s a great way to stay in touch with clients, and to establish your company as a leader in its field. Even if don’t blog though, the CMS features of WordPress make it ideal for usage in website construction. Here are some of the many benefits offered by WordPress:

  • Works well with search engines – software code in WordPress is very clean and simple. That makes it easy for search engines to scan through and index your website. SEO can be very precise on a WordPress site. Every webpage, image, and post can be associated with a meta-tag keyword, a description, and a title.
  • No editing or FTP required – WordPress is self-contained, and does not require any kind of HTML editing software. Whenever you create a new page or a blog, or you want to upload new content or images, you can easily import them without the need for any kind of file transfer protocol (FTP) software to accomplish the upload.
  • Manage from any computer – WordPress is browser-based software, so you can login on any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Easy to use – WordPress is probably the easiest software on the market to use, and its interface is highly intuitive. Any kind of management function can be accomplished with ease, reducing time invested.
  • Customizable design – WordPress serves as the building-block manager of your website. Your site’s appearance can be completely customized, exactly the way you want it. You can do the design yourself or have an expert designer do it for you. Either way, the end result can be a perfect reflection of your company and your brand.
  • Built-in blog – if you do choose to maintain a blog, this capability is built right into WordPress. It’s very easy for you to add regular posts. Blogging is actually what WordPress was originally set up for.
  • Plug-in extensibility – because of the tremendous popularity of WordPress, numerous plug-ins have been developed for use with it. That means you can extend the functionality of your website very easily.
  • Potential for growth – as your business grows, it will be very easy to have your website grow right along with it. Additions like new pages and new content are very easy to manage. No matter how many web pages your site has, performance will still be top-notch.

What a content management system (CMS) does for you

Having a content management system act as the engine for your website can be one of the very best investments you make. Since your website is your way of communicating to clients and business associates, everything on your website is important. When anything about your business changes, that should be reflected on your website immediately. Making and managing such changes is far easier when you have a content management system to handle those updates. A CMS can help you in several other ways as well:

  • Ease of usage – you don’t have to be a technical genius to use a CMS. The main functions of writing content and publishing content are fairly easy to learn. In truth, a CMS is similar to using word processing software.
  • Multiple users – there may be several people in your company who need to add pages or posts to your website. A CMS makes it easy to establish roles and permissions for all the people who need update access to the website.
  • Ease of maintenance – whenever you need to change something on your site, it’s much easier to go through a CMS. Changing the underlying HTML code takes greater knowledge and much more time. Using your CMS, you’re much less likely to break the website and cause downtime.
  • Managing content – this may seem like the most obvious advantage of using a CMS, but there’s more to it than just adding or removing content. A good CMS can publish content to your website, and push it out to social media as well. You can even schedule the publication of content to have it done automatically for you. Another area that CMS handles well is in observing good SEO principles. This ensures that your content gets a high ranking with search engines.

WordPress and SEO

There is no content management system which automatically optimizes your site for SEO right out of the box. What WordPress does is provide a great foundation for accomplishing SEO. This is largely due to its compatibility with the best plug-ins developed for SEO.

But even the best software cannot keep your website optimized through all business and website changes. Whenever your business undergoes some kind of change, that should be reflected on your website. However, whenever modifications are made, it’s likely that there will be a ripple effect change in SEO optimization.

The only way you can really account for all potential changes to your search engine rankings is to have an SEO consultant on your staff, or to retain an SEO consultant. Because WordPress is set up for SEO plug-ins, it provides the necessary foundation to improve your search rankings.

Either someone in your organization or a knowledgeable SEO consultant can manage SEO for you. They can make use of the features of whichever SEO plug-in you’re using with your WordPress site. They can use SEO metadata titles and descriptions, as well as focus keywords. This way, your posts and updates can be optimized for best performance in search results.

Designing, developing, and managing your WordPress website

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