I recently wrote Annie Chun about some soup.

Dear Annie Chun,


I recently visited your website and have to say that it is quite nice.  I am in the middle of a debate about your Annie Chun’s Korean Kimchi Noodle Soup – With Shitake Mushrooms, and would like to know why I should follow the Best By date on your food.  There is no answer to this on your website that I could find that would tell me why your product would lose quality, value, or taste after this aforementioned date of 19 May 2009.


Waiting to eat my soup,   


So, I’d like for you to voice your opinion on why you should not eat expired foods.  I’ve found a few different articles on the internet, such as:

There is a lot to learn here.  I really like Annie Chun’s site.  It’s very well built and extremely well composed (minus the fact that I couldn’t find the answer to my question even after I searched and looked through the FAQ.)

Post some other good examples of sites with good composure and your thoughts on expired foods.

Update (06/17/09) – I recently got an e-mail back from Annie Chun! Yes!  Here’s basically what they had to say:

Thank you for purchasing Annie Chun’s Kimchi Soup Bowl. Although it is unlikely that you will get sick from eating an expired shelf stable product, we do not guarantee the flavor of the product after the expiration date.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. We appreciate your support and hope to hear from you again in the future. 

Happy Eating!

Annie Chun’s Inc.

Ok, Annie Chun!  We appreciate it and will completely indulge ourselves in your Kimchi Noodle Bowl until the end of time!