Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD Review With iPhone 3G S 3.0.1 OS – Newly Updated!!

Motorola S9-HD


I have been really wanting something that works well as a Bluetooth headset, as a real headset, to do A2DP on the iPhone 3G S. I decided to try the Motorola MOTOROKO S9-HD over trying the JayBird JB-200 Headset again.  Overall, it works just as bad as the ones with the adapters when playing music (very choppy, very random pauses).  However, you don’t need an adapter to get this pair to do Bluetooth iPhone calls or iPod.

I have been surprised with this new acronym that my iPhone doesn’t seem to be able to do (AVRCP), at least not yet.  It seems to also do the pairing automatically without asking for a code. The instruction booklet says that the code is 0000, but I didn’t ever need to put that in.  I’ll keep it simply for the fact that it does pair with our Broadcom Bluetooth receiver which is actually a Rocketfish Bluetooth Transmitter. It will work well as a diagnostic and day to day tool, and will be great for driving and hands-free.

=== UPDATE: 11/12/2009 ===
We wanted to write an update that these work PERFECTLY with the iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 OS. No skipping, techno sounds great, 100% all the way Motorola S9-HD! Worth the buy!

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  1. techguy
    techguy says:

    Iphone 3G is so packed of features and it really looks cool too. I own one iPhone 3G and i am planning to buy another one for my girlfriend.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    I have an iphone 3g and 3.0.1 OS. These S9-HD headphones have worked great for me out of the box with almost no interruption in sound. Phone calls can be received or made in stereo as well. No extra adapters needed. I did have to pair these with my iphone and used the ubiquitus code of 0000. They don’t work so well under a motorcycle helmet unfortunately.

  3. hyde6745
    hyde6745 says:

    just wonderin which is much better though? jaybird jb-200 or the motorola s9 hd?? the hd button is a plus for the motorola how bout the jay bird though??

  4. Luco
    Luco says:

    I’ve gone through two pairs of these, I think my next pair of headphones will be the Jaybird JB-200.

    The S9-HD’s, while pretty good as far as sound quality is concerned has a major issue with sweat. I use them while running, and after a month or two, the control buttons stop working.

    Motorola will replace them under their 1-year warranty, but the JB-200’s lifetime sweat warranty sounds good!


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